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Hand- Crafted Instruments

Check out the many talented and experience craftsmen and their instruments. We are showcasing American made instruments with the highest quality and design to fit your learning and playing needs.

Hand-Crafted Accessories

Check out the variety of hand-crafted accessories to upgrade your playing and musical style.


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Our Featured Sellers

Shannon Waggoner, Elementary Music Teacher

Shannon has over 20 years of teaching experience from Elementary to High School. She creates awesome resources for the classroom and lesson planning. Check out her products!

Vickie Massmann, Elementary Music Teacher

Vickie has over 25 years of experience in teaching from K-12, private lessons, and college level courses. She has many resources to help you plan with ease. Check out her products!

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At One Music Central, we are committed to bringing our buyers the highest quality of products from our musicians, music educators, and craftsmen. Our music teaching resources must meet the national music standards and properly copyrighted to purchase. Our craftsmen will provide high quality instruments and accessories with the best materials and craftsmanship to ensure years of enjoyment. We provide great customer service in making sure you are completely satisfied with your product.