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What We Offer Our Sellers

A place to sell your digital and tangible music teaching resources with no start up costs or subscription fees.

A place for craftsmen to sell their instruments and accessories and showcase their skill and talent.


You can upload unlimited original digital resources and tangible original products
on One Music Central. More information for sellers provided in the seller handbook.

Social Media

We will rotate all sellers and feature you on our social media that includes twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, tiktok, and more.
We have a closed group seller page on facebook for all to communicate and give feedback for improvement.


We will give incentives throughout the year to customers at no cost to you such as giftcards, free lamination of classroom set, free accessory with purchase of hand-crafted instrument and more.

Quality and Respect

We have standards and guidelines to follow as a seller that we expect to be taken seriously to give our buyers the best experience. We also provide a copyright department to help you with any copyright needs you may need.

What We Offer to Our Customers

Quality Resources at an affordable price.

Hand-Crafted Instruments and Accessories

Purchase Hand- Crafted Instruments from our Craftsmen all over the US. They will be showcased with interviews and videos on their skills on our You Tube Channel.

Resources for Private Lessons

You can find resources you need to help build your private lesson studio or to purchase needed resources from your private teacher or resources to help you learn how to play an instrument you've always wanted to learn.

Music Teaching Resources for grades Pre-K through 12th Grade

Purchase quality resources that fit your state's music standards and to help organize your classroom or teaching space so you can spend more time working with your students and spending time with your family.


"Without Craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind."
- Johannes Brahms

"If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent in your craft even when all odds are against you."
- Nicky Verd

We are committed to great customer service to both our sellers and buyers. We take pride in our craft and want to share it with the world. Music is a universal language we all know and love. It now has a place to call home - One Music Central. Be a part of our family. Join today!